Clouded day…
Disciples’ dismay,
Darkness covers the land;
The veil is rent…
The humbled tent,
Laid in a rich man’s tomb.
But Spirit yielded,
Evil fielded
With great and mighty blow!
Tomb could not contain,
Power of man
Could not restrain!
Yea, He is risen!
He lives!

Clouded minds
Of cloudy hearts
Could not fathom
The holy work.
Prophetic hope,
They could not grasp…
Prophetic work
Fulfilled at their hands,
And yet, forgiveness begged
On their behalf!

Life we grasp to fathom,
Hope we love and long to know
More deeply;
Life abundant,
Lived more sweetly
In the truth of His forgiving…
No, not one of us deserving.
He gave His life,
Once for all.
He rose,
Once for all.
Once for all.
And He shall soon return
For those who will heed His call.
The cloud of witnesses testify,
He is coming again!
He is alive!
He is risen!
Give praise!

ADW 2009