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I’ll Never Measure up, Lord

I’ll never measure up, Lord, In the things that I may do; I’ll try and try, but I know that I Never never will. I’ll never measure up, Lord, Through anything I’ve done, But I’ll always find acceptance Because of Your own Son. He is the measure of Your love, The One whose work is done; He is the measure of Your grace, Through whom Your work in me has begun. I’ll never measure up, Lord, Through anything I do…

I Will Wander Til I Die

I will wander ’til I die, Not aimless, I pray, But Spirit led; By Your word sustained, Watered and fed; Tight in Your grip, Always in Your hand; Never at home On this foreign ground, But yearning always For holy land.   ADW

I Set My Heart

I set my heart on You, oh Lord; Deliver me, I pray. Walk me through the trying times; Lead me in Your way. Set my feet on higher ground, Let me see farther on; Show me all surrounding me And safely guide me on. I call on You alone, oh Lord; My cries, I know You hear. Be my strength and comforter, In these troubles, please be near! Deliver me that I might live To glorify Your name; Until the

I Have a Little Lobster

I have a little lobster; He loves the out-of-doors; As quickly as he’s in the sun, He sheds his shoes and clothes. He loves the sun, He loves his fun, He loves to run and play… But oh, how I wish He’d stay fully dressed; That bright shade of red From his toes to his head Is really quite a display!   ADW

I Have a Helper

I have a Helper Living within me; I know He’ll guide me And meet my every need I have a helper Precious and pure He comforts my very being As His voice comes to my ear I have a Helper More powerful than the wind He fills me in my emptiness Gives me strength to live again Come, Holy Spirit, Come Upon Your child, descend Renew my heart and fill me Empower yet again   ADW

I Don’t Like the Struggles, Lord

I don’t like the struggles, Lord… I don’t care for pain; I don’t like to hurt, And I don’t like the strain… But Lord, if there are struggles, I know You are there, too; Lord, if there’s pain, I’ll walk through it with You. Lord, if I hurt, I know You hurt too… Both now and before… And You’ll carry me through. And Lord, through the strain, My heart will be stretched To understand more Of Your love and Your

I Am Simple

I am simple, Lord… You, alone, wise; Should I trust in myself, It would be my demise, For You alone are able To keep my footing firm, Keeping me from stumbling As You lead and guide me on. Your intelligence, My ignorance; My inadequacy, Your sufficiency… The only sensible conclusion Is to put my trust in You.   ADW

How Beautiful

How beautiful the mountains And the feet that find the path To scale,to cross, to move beyond, To search for any man Who has the need to hear of hope Of life beyond this realm; Beauty of the feet That move to meet The hungering souls of this world.   ADW

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