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Thrust to the earthThe beautiful cherub whose brilliance once shoneUgliness unleashedAs he lifted his heart, his being cast downTempting, beguiling, deceiving one Unleashing his hatred on simple man Unleashing his horrors on the Holy One. Man of Sorrows, no comeliness nor form Sent as a babe on a quiet morn Despised and rejected for the truth brought forth Nailed to a tree, His blood poured out He bowed his head as He breathed His last The beautiful love unleashed on


Clouded day… Disciples’ dismay, Darkness covers the land; The veil is rent… The humbled tent, Laid in a rich man’s tomb. But Spirit yielded, Evil fielded With great and mighty blow! Tomb could not contain, No! Power of man Could not restrain! Yea, He is risen! He lives! Clouded minds Of cloudy hearts Could not fathom The holy work. Prophetic hope, They could not grasp… Prophetic work Fulfilled at their hands, And yet, forgiveness begged On their behalf! Life we