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Heart Surgery

  Ezekiel 36:26-27 “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them.”   I read this on a friend’s wall a few days ago, and it really resonated in connection with the fact

What Kind of Workmanship Are You?

  In dealing with a frustrating dental situation, my husband had to return to the office with a partial that had just been delivered a day earlier. The anchor tooth that was loose a week earlier came out, destabilizing the whole prosthesis. Shoddy work from a dentist in a rush? He alluded to what a good dentist would do, and my husband stopped him, saying, “You are a good dentist, right?” Repairs are underway, needless to say. It is easy


Thrust to the earthThe beautiful cherub whose brilliance once shoneUgliness unleashedAs he lifted his heart, his being cast downTempting, beguiling, deceiving one Unleashing his hatred on simple man Unleashing his horrors on the Holy One. Man of Sorrows, no comeliness nor form Sent as a babe on a quiet morn Despised and rejected for the truth brought forth Nailed to a tree, His blood poured out He bowed his head as He breathed His last The beautiful love unleashed on

Weary and Weak – Updated

Weary and weak, Are you weary and weak? Come and seek, Come and seek First His kingdom And His righteousness And all these things Shall be added unto you! Are you weary and weak? Weary and weak? Come and seek His Kingdom! Are you weary and weak? Are you weary in your walk, Weary in your talk, Weary in the days of this life? Weary in your heart, Weary of the dark Jesus calls you to be His light… Weary

Marching Orders

Marching orders, Where shall I go? Marching orders to stand, Grounded and strong, Having done all, My marching orders command That I stand. Stand strong in the Spirit And strong in the hope Of the One who has given His all; Stand strong in commitment, Strong in the compassion Of He who Redeemed from the fall. Stand full of passion For His glory and might; Stand in His strength Because it’s His fight. Stand! ADW

Lord, You Saw Through My Eyes

Lord, You saw through my eyes, You felt with my hand; You’ve walked in my footsteps, Able to stand Your ground. Lord, You lived in busyness, Taking time to rest; You lived with demands, But had time to invest In those who sought You. Lord, when I see through Your eyes And feel with Your hand, When I walk in Your footsteps, I barely stand My ground. Lord, I live in busyness, Struggling for rest; I live with demands, And

Lord, When They Consume My Time

Lord, when they consume my time, I pray that they consume You; When they sit at my feet, I ask that they would see Less of me and more of You. Lord, when they’re in my presence, It’s Your presence I pray they might feel; Through my actions and words I pray that they’ll learn More of You and less of me.   ADW

Lord, Show Me

Lord, show me the idols that creep into my life; Lord, show me the gods that invade my heart, Competing for ground that is set apart, Sanctified by You… Lord, may my aim be true! Give me faith to believe And trust that is strong To stand firm in You, Standing where I belong   ADW

Let Your Joy Ring

Lord, let joy ring through the earth; Lord, let Your glorious love spring forth As we celebrate our Savior’s birth… Lord, let our hearts sing out! Lord, may our spirits soar; Lord, may we rejoice forevermore As we contemplate the One we adore And the wondrous work He’s done! Lord, may Your power dwell within The people You’ve set free from sin, No longer strangers, now, but kin… Lord, may Your Spirit fill!   ADW

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