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Breath of Spring

Breath of spring In winter’s midst, And then the cold rebounds; Encompassing chill And dreary days, But hope of new growth Softly resounds. Buds want to bloom, But the chill stays their start; Greens want to grow, But the iciest days Keep the moment aside Til it’s time For spring. A.D.W.

Breathtaking Awe

Breathtaking awe, Silence falls; The King enters into the room. Every knee quietly bowed, Every breath cautiously held, Every hope and heart brims proud Over the grandeur of the glorious King! Every wondering mind held captive, For His glory far outweighs All that ever was imagined In the string of earthly days. A distant day shall find us In the court of this noble King, The humblest, then most glorious; For now, a shadowy dream. What an amazing day it


Heavenly treasures May not seem so near, Placing in His hands All that truly is dear. Drawing toward heaven, Eyes on that goal Of seeing each treasure Led to His throne. Rusting treasure, Held too close, Shall spread it’s wings and fly From mortal grasp With worldly wrath; Its hope will meet demise. A.D.W. 2009

Weary One

Weary one, Weary one… Come. I have done All that must be done. Rest. Let the living water flow, Cool and clear. Do you thirst? I am here… I am living water, Let me flow in your life. Living One, Risen Son, I will flow into your life. A.D.W. 2009


Sorrow upon sorrow… To study through another’s gaze The hope once bright and brimming, Slowly dimming through a turning page. The hope and heart of people Who clinged to Holy truth, Forgotten and betrayed for hearts Whose pleasure is their first pursuit. Sorrow upon sorrow… What future is in store For a people bent On lustful flesh Fulfilling its own will? Pursuit of one’s own happiness, Expense of those around… The sinking hope In selfish goals; Liberty’s sacrifice Casually sacrificed

Glorious Victory

Glorious victory, Babe in humility, Meeting humanity On humble ground. Glory disguised, Glory’s seeming demise… Helpless Babe who held all in his hand! Glory’s right set aside, Glory rightly decides Human fate in human form, Entering this broken world, And walking lowly, Living light; Breathing depth Into yearning lives, Demonstrating through His sacrifice, Victory in losing all… Highest gain In noble call, To set aside all glory and right For the sake of His name, For the hope of the

Did You Ever?

Did you ever say you’d never be, And then, that thing, become? Did you ever say you’d never do, Only to find That very thing done? Did you ever try to stand, But fell? Did you ever seek humility Only to find your pride start to swell? Have you found that Your shortcomings Have overcome Your strength? By George, You’ve found the reason, For a Savior’s love, The foundation Of your faith. A.D.W. 2009

The Quiet Sounds of Evening

The quiet sounds of evening And the closing of the day; The humming of a dryer And the slowing pace Of little feet. A yawn, a grin, A glazey-eyed stare; Turn my head, Then look again To find that sleep Has settled there. The depth of breath, The signs of life, Stilled and quieted For a sleep-filled night. Tomorrow’s play, A dream away… Mommy’s sigh, Turn out the light, And prepare once more For the patter feet Of the coming

Composted Thought

Poetry, Composted thought… A small idea Tucked away, To age, But not to rot. Held for a time, ‘Til the season is right, Tilled in and watered, Warmed, It grows; Flowering and fruiting, The moment it’s flowing It feeds the hungry soul. A.D.W. 2009


Clouded day… Disciples’ dismay, Darkness covers the land; The veil is rent… The humbled tent, Laid in a rich man’s tomb. But Spirit yielded, Evil fielded With great and mighty blow! Tomb could not contain, No! Power of man Could not restrain! Yea, He is risen! He lives! Clouded minds Of cloudy hearts Could not fathom The holy work. Prophetic hope, They could not grasp… Prophetic work Fulfilled at their hands, And yet, forgiveness begged On their behalf! Life we

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