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I Can Always Find My Father

I can always find my Father For He’s said He’ll never leave; I can always ask my Father, For He’s said that He is truth; I can depend upon my Father, For I know He is my strength; I can always trust my Father, For I know that He is love. He is my counselor, He lights the path for me; He directs my feet, And He always cares for me. The world I live in, He created for me;

The Ebb of Time

The ebb of time Since Your precious blood flowed; The turn of the battle, Though You’ve always known That the victory was Yours… In seeming defeat, the war already won! The turn of the tide, Drawing back to You A sea of humanity, Beaten and bruised By the corruptor of souls, Whose waves of rebellion crash Against cliffs of hopelessness, Our hopes to dash… But we know that the waves Control not the sea; Through the roar that is made,

Hope Stepped In

Hope stepped in as Love came down Wrapped Himself in a mortal shroud…. Knew our fear and felt our pain, Laid down His life to break our chains. Christ stepped in with humble form Lived out His love in a broken world… He walked our path, bore horrific pain, That death might die and His own live again. ADW 2015

From a Colt to the Cross

From a colt to the cross, The path of a King; From glory to anguish In the span of a week. The story prepared long in advance, Remembered again These many years past. Hail to the King who has come once in peace, Hail to the One who has paid the ultimate price. Glory to Him who is coming again. Glory to the One who redeems. Yea, my Redemption draws nigh. Those close who could not understand The price poured

Light and Temporary Trials

You see the purpose where I see the pain. What I view as lack, You count as my gain. In weakness and weariness, Your strength shines through. Can’t boast in my own works because I must lean on You. Power made perfect makes little sense at times, But in my weakness, You form me…my faith is defined. Knowledge puffs up, but Your love edifies, You meet me in these light and temporary trials.     ADW  2015