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iMovie for Encouraging Your Kids’ Creativity

I have held off on a phone upgrade for a couple of years, but with my old phone losing power more quickly, it was time. The launch of the latest series of iPhones was the perfect time to upgrade, and I was pleased with the sizing of the Plus version of the iPhone 6 and with some of the apps that came loaded on the device. It will certainly take a bit of time to get a handle on many

A Quick and Fun Attraction – Essential Oils and Introductions

While essential oils is not a new concept, its introduction by family members has had a profound effect on the family. Two initial weeks of use in our household of 8 resulted in the depletion of full 15 ml bottles of lemon and lavender oils. Peppermint was approximately one-third gone in that time, with anticipated uses in coming months putting it on course for equal consumption.  Some of the ways in which the essential oils initially garnered appreciation: Lavender is

Learning to Love Lavender

It doesn’t take much convincing for a gal who loves the color lavender to be convinced to try the essential oil.  My sister introduced us to Oils during our summer vacation, and she gave us a beginners’ set of lemon, lavender and peppermint oils. She provided us with some of her family’s initial results after they spent time with my cousin back East, a woman on a mission to cleanse her home of all sorts of not-natural remedies. Needless to