Re-Launching My Blog

Hosting your blog on a free site may be the cheapest way to get your feet wet, but there are definitely risks.  Ignoring masses of emails from assorted sites can be a bad thing if you delete the deletion notification that says you have 30 days to back everything up.  After nearly seven years of having my “free” Song of the Sagebrush blog, it was obliterated a little over a year ago after I missed a notification.  My fault since I wasn’t checking it out, but I’ve let the idea to re-launch simmer.  Here goes!


You may see infrequent posts or tons at once, depending on my crazy schedule.  I’m going back and trying to recover my poetry posts, the main theme of my original blog.  They’re scattered about, and I miss being able to mail a quick link to someone in need of encouragement.  I’ll sort through other material that imported to my social media pages, and pull my fave recipes and such back in over here.  Meanwhile, welcome back if you are an old blogging buddy.  Welcome if you are newly visiting my creative space here.