Lord, You Saw Through My Eyes

Lord, You saw through my eyes,
You felt with my hand;
You’ve walked in my footsteps,
Able to stand
Your ground.

Lord, You lived in busyness,
Taking time to rest;
You lived with demands,
But had time to invest
In those who sought You.

Lord, when I see through Your eyes
And feel with Your hand,
When I walk in Your footsteps,
I barely stand
My ground.

Lord, I live in busyness,
Struggling for rest;
I live with demands,
And too often, protest
When others seek my time.

Lord, help me point them to You,
Help me stand in the gap,
As You stood for me,
And continue to stand;
So help me stand and understand…
Where they are, I was,
And where I am, You’ve been.