Learning to Love Lavender

It doesn’t take much convincing for a gal who loves the color lavender to be convinced to try the essential oil.  My sister introduced us to Oils during our summer vacation, and she gave us a beginners’ set of lemon, lavender and peppermint oils. She provided us with some of her family’s initial results after they spent time with my cousin back East, a woman on a mission to cleanse her home of all sorts of not-natural remedies. Needless to say, you must try for yourself to become convinced that oils are or are not for you. In two weeks, we’ve nearly depleted our 15 ml bottles of lemon and lavender. While peppermint is much loved in our home already, it is so strong that you don’t need a lot at a time. At this point, my anticipated usage in the home may be at least two bottles each of lemon and lavender based on this early trial.

Lavender is my focus in this post, and I should begin by saying that the scent is lovely for falling asleep. As my sister explained, a drop or two on the pillow is perfect for creating an aromatic sleep experience, and that is what we’ve done since obtaining our vial.  An interesting note is that people in the family are sleeping so soundly that there have been increased reports of unusual dreams. At least five of those in our household have noted dreaming more intensely. My college-aged daughter often doesn’t sleep soundly, and she explained that she doesn’t remember the last time she remembered her dreams prior to using the essential oil.

Lavender has been a soothing balm for aching muscles after a long writing day at the computer as well.  It also seems to help minor skin irritations, including a nasty ant bite my 15 year old suffered while feeding the horse the other day. She wants to research benefits for the horse, an area I’m not yet familiar with.  Caution, daughter, caution.

At any rate, I have ordered my next vial of lavender so that we can continue to sleep soundly and dream boldly this month. I have also ordered a trial kit for my husband to have with him at work – a set of the same three, but in 5ml bottles that are more manageable for him.