I Don’t Like the Struggles, Lord

I don’t like the struggles, Lord…
I don’t care for pain;
I don’t like to hurt,
And I don’t like the strain…

But Lord, if there are struggles,
I know You are there, too;
Lord, if there’s pain,
I’ll walk through it with You.
Lord, if I hurt,
I know You hurt too…
Both now and before…
And You’ll carry me through.
And Lord, through the strain,
My heart will be stretched
To understand more
Of Your love and Your plan
For my life and Your people,
For the sacrifices You’ve made,
And though the challenges prick,
My joy and my praise
Will be wrapped up in You
And Your perfect love,
In the fellowship deepened
As You allow these things
To touch my heart for Your glory,
To understand so much more of the story,
To press on in spite of my hurts and my worry
Over foolish details that will quickly fade,
Over life’s tough circumstances that I can’t evade…
And I will love You all the more…
I will rely evermore
On Your love and Your hope,
And live in the light that You shine into me…
May it serve to cause me to see
Others in that light!