Bear One Another’s Burdens

Bearing one another’s burdens,
Or abandoning our brothers;
Filled with snide I told you so’s,
Or humbly identifying with another’s woes?

Willing to walk at his side,
No matter the path,
Or simply pointing the way and
Never looking back?
Encouraging, exhorting?
Criticizing, belittling?
Chastising, fingerpointing?
What will our actions be?

Encourage each other while it is called today;
Don’t wait til your schedule is clear…then it may be a little late!
Today is fragile…
Our bretheren,
But dust;
Truthfully, we realize
The same applies to us.

My moment to make a difference to him
May present itself
And not come again.
Will I make the most,
Or will the opportunity end up being lost?