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If I speak in language poetic, Mutter in language plain, Speak with the tongues of angels and men, Lord, I pray that my only refrain Be the message of Your love. Lord, too often my tongue sends forth the spark That leads to furious flame… The fires of hell lick at my heels Because I did not refrain From speaking without love.   ADW

Journey’s Rest

Journey’s rest, The end far off, I gather the will to proceed; Journey’s drain On will and strength… Without this stop, Would I dare concede? Not by power, Nor by might, But by His Spirit, I shall travel on. Until His voice Directs my path, I watch and wait For Spirit’s strength, And the call to move along.   ADW


The drive, The distractions, The fears, The tears, Unknown destination, Mom bringing us here… A surprise says she, But not knowing, we Whimper, whine, Find reasons to cry and complain. Still she goes on, We reach the end And find she was right, A wonderful treat, We just couldn’t see. The journey, The distractions, The fears, The tears, Uncertain destination, You’re taking me there… Promises of love and Promises of grace, All I can hold on to On the way

Jesus, You Died

Jesus, You died… Crucified So I’m purified… I love You. Jesus, You bled, A river of red Now I am healed, And I love You. Jesus, You rose; Empty, the tomb; And I’m born again And I love You. Jesus, You’ll come; You’ll receive Your own And I’ll be in Your presence forever; And I love You.

Jesus, You Are My Strength

Jesus, You are my strength; Jesus, You are my life; Jesus, You are my hope In this world as I try To know You, To see You, To love You, Lord; You strengthen my heart As You’re setting me apart. You hide me in the shadow of You’re wings; Safe in a pavillion, You teach me the things I need to know to serve You, To follow You, Lord; You show me joy and pain; You guide that I might


It’s in climbing that my children fall, Reaching up, their eyes on a goal; Forgetting the ground as they aim ever higher; Unstable footing at times interferes. If they never sought more, Perhaps they’d not fall, But it’s in those falls That I hope they’ll grow, Stopping to evaluate their footing, and then, Aiming and reaching, they’re climbing again.   ADW

Inside Out

Inside out and upside down… Just when the walls seem to fall around Your life, Consider for a moment, the spiritual side, The moving of God which can’t be denied, And the towers the Spirit builds in your life. The falling down may be the building up Of an eternal fortress that cannot collapse.   ADW


Inconsolable I hold him tight Restless babe, I walk by night Passing ills That make him cry With mother’s arms The troubles fly Inconsolable, You hold me tight Your restless child, You walk through the night Passing afflictions That make me cry In my Father’s arms The sorrows will fly.   ADW

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