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Home for now, Not yet home to stay; This home won’t last ‘Cause I’m on my way To the promised place, To a promised home, A trek I make With the promising One. All of His promises, yes and amen… To this hope I hold fast ‘Til I’m home for good!   ADW

Holy War

Result of weakness, weariness; Shield of faith lowered just a bit, The cunning adversary aims and hits, And they fall to their knees, As their wounds start to bleed; Damage sustained For the stance they’ve maintained On the frontlines of the war. Where is the backup, Lord? Will they see? Are we truly behind them, Or do we watch as they bleed? Do we come in love to tend the wounds, Or point and judge for the armor they’ve failed

Help Me Through This Day, Lord

Help me through this day, Lord! I just can’t see the end… I’m feeling tired, the kids are cross, And I really need a friend. Help me through this day, Lord, Remind me of Your love… Give me strength and lead me on, Help me in this job!   ADW

Heavenly Pursuit

You pursued from heavenly realms You came to be close You did not force Walking in the midst of selfish and dull Ministering to body and soul Drawing many to Yourself You pursued but did not push Willing to pull from the mire and muck Those who listened and heard You simply spoke truth And left men the choice To listen and obey And men may hear Your voice today And still You will draw them close Not by force

Heaven Bound

If I saw You at the cross In blood and gore, I would likely turn my head; If I saw You on Your throne In all Your glory I’d fall on my face as dead. Though I sing and read and pray, I doubt I’ll ever comprehend All You are, All You’ve done, All You’ve said; All You’ve given to me, All You’ve forgiven me, All You’ve placed within me, And all that You’ve removed from me… Not ’til glory,

Head in the Womb or Foot in the Grave

Head in the womb, Or foot in the grave Justify death In this nation today. This life near its end And that one not yet begun… Human terms rationalize Works that are wrong. The Author of life Created each one; He knows each beginning, As well as each end. Yet in ignorant wisdom, Man thinks he knows more, And vainly assumes The work of the Lord.   ADW

He Suffered Temporary Pain

He suffered temporary pain To make eternal gain, And yet the pain so great, No one else will ever relate. His sufferings, we may share But not one will compare To overwhelming sin, At one moment laid on Him; In humility, He bore the shame, Innocently slain; Victoriously, He rose again, A precious prize to claim. His bride, we stand in wait While patience has its perfect work; A perfectionist in perfecting us, Making us complete, To one day be

He Called Them from Their Former Lives

He called them from their former lives To go with Him and learn, To one day go and tell of Him.. He gave them new concerns. No longer the taxes to collect, No longer the fish to catch; Rather, He made them fishers of men, Shepherds over His flock. Sometimes His call leaves us where we are, With new perspectives and goals; Sometimes His call beckons us out of a place And sends us into a different world.   ADW

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