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A Mountain Moment

Mountain moment, Breezes blow; Spirit’s moving… Only You know Direction and path As You point the way. “Walk here, My child. Follow fast, follow close… I will not lead astray.” A.D.W. 2009

The games of childhood Tease my mind; In my children’s play, It’s mine I find. A gleeful view Of moments past; Tearful regret That the moments don’t last. Moments lost, Now found again In playful chatter And games of pretend. This moment to cherish And tuck away… We’ll remember together Some future day. A.D.W. 2009

Fear and Hope

Fear and hope, Emotions gripped, And pulled contrary ways; In the middle of the brewing storm, In the midst of fury’s sway… Tossed about And filled with doubt, All hope would seem but lost; Small little glimmer in a moment’s relief, Hope restored in remembered belief. Hope and fear, Emotions mixed, I cling to what is true; When my mind is staid On promises kept and love proclaimed, His grace shall pull me through. A.D.W. 2009

Quiet House

The house has quieted; As my mind stills, I think upon the childish thrills That filled a day Now swept away. I think ahead To quieter times, Where childhood thrills are left behind For greater dreams And bigger days, Praying the memories Joyfully play In the archives of their hearts and minds! A.D.W. 2009

I Praise You

I praise You. I raise You To the highest of heights In the scope of my mind, In the realm of my life. I exalt You; I serve You. I live in Your grace. I follow Your lead, And I rest in Your strength. A.D.W. 2009

Meet Me

Meet me on the other side, Where we’ll be chums And walk in stride. No more war In the holy place; Nations healed By Jesus’ grace. Leaves for healing, A soothing balm Brings earthly wars And human storms To a place of divine peace. Meet me at that healing place, Where we will bask in Jesus’ grace… Where forever we’ll behold His face And forget the divisions once known. Healed and united and joyful, We’ll bask in His presence as

Your Favor Shields

Your favor shields my heart this day; In thankfulness of heart I ask That you would make a straightened path, That I might clearly see And go that way. Lord, lead; Lord, guide. Lord, help me live a life That is pleasing unto Thee. Lord, lead; Lord, guide. Lord, You direct Your child; I follow close. Lord, lead; Lord, guide. Lord, You show the steps; I will follow close at hand. A.D.W. 2009

Heaven Can Wait

Heaven can wait, But heavenly hope Is urgent this day. A day is as a thousand; A thousand days as one… One soul is counted priceless To the reigning one. Redeemed in ultimate cost Of innocent blood, The lowest of the low Dare draw near To declare His heavenly hope! A.D.W. 2009

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